Fixed Soccer Matches

Fixed Soccer Matches

Fixed Soccer Matches


We see sports wagering as a venture as opposed to betting.

Our administration is the best!

Picks are controlled by a group of game insiders who have quite a while of involvement with wagering. We gladly present you with another age of game insiders with another vision on wagering.

Pieces of information about betting.

Regardless of whether you are veteran games better, or you are simply beginning to investigate the universe of fixed matches and sports wagering, you have gone to the correct spot!

At Fixed.Soccer you will discover just the most exact data about fixed matches that will give a definite fire approach to you to bring in cash without hazard and without the problem of experiencing bookies.

Bookies can’t guarantee the chances that you will discover on Fixed.Soccer in light of the fact that we get our data on fixed matches from just the most exact and sound sources. So you better rush and put resources into sports wagering on fixed matches with the goal that you can see your cash twofold just before your eyes!

What precisely are fixed matches?

On the off chance that you are inexperienced with sports wagering and the intricate details of fixed matches, let us essentially the idea for you. The term fixed matches basically implies that at whatever point a match is in progress, the ultimate results of the match are either totally or halfway an outcome that has been resolved previously. What this implies for you as the better is that you will put down your wager on fixed matches that you definitely know the specific result of so that there is no danger of you losing your venture. The magnificence of fixed matches is only that: you can generally be certain that you will have the option to win any wager that you have put on a sporting event.Fixed Soccer Matches

YouTube Proofs Fixed Matches

YouTube Proofs Fixed Matches

YouTube Proofs Fixed Matches

Dear customers, we are a unique website with this kind of proofs for fixed matches, we had a CHANNEL where you can SUBSCRIBE and find our video proofs so you can saw how LEGIT and SURE we are. 

Beware of all other false evidence and websites from other fraudsters, on this video you can see everything to be sure that with us, you can make just easy money.


USA Fixed Betting Match


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Genuine fixed matches the best business later on!

The World of wagering is much effective today. Everybody hustles to discover sure football tips and put down dangerous wagers for benefit. At this site, you can locate the solid fixed tips from direct data. With wagering on our protected tips, it can take you to a great deal of cash. The definitely fixed games not have a chance for loss!

The groups have consented to fix the match and no real way to lose your cash since we have contributed a ton of them. On the off chance that the games lose, at that point our monetary circumstance is in absolute waste, so we send your cashback. Because of that, it is unimaginable to expect to lose on the grounds that the fixed games are protected 100%!

About our free games, which are expectations, we post them every day on our site. In any case, we have not ensured 100% sure win with these tips. Do you need to see all the free tips that we have? Snap here. Obviously, the fixed games are not free!

You need to purchase secure football tips with large chances and make an astonishing benefit? At that point, you are in a genuine spot! Most importantly, we ensure a 100% safe success with our fixed games that depend on past genuine verifications from the best sources.

Purchase our definite rigged tips and wager safely with no danger of loss!

Fixed Matches Double Safe

Fixed Matches Double Safe

Fixed Matches Double Safe


Ticket Total odds is between 350.00 till 900.00

Limited number on buyers, just 12 Serious Clients PER WEEK!

Next Double Fixed Matches HT/FT are for Saturday 05.12.2020

Match: ???? – ???? Tip: 2/1 – 1/2;  (HT/FT) Odds: 20.00 till 41.00
Match: ???? – ???? Tip: 2/1 – 1/2;  (HT/FT) Odds: 20.00 till 41.00

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Saturday 28 (November) 2020

Match: CSA – Ponte Preta
Tip: 2/1 (HT/FT) Odds: 29.00
Result: 0:1/2:1 WON

LEAGUE: SWEDEN Division 1 – Södra
Match: Lunds – Lindome
Tip: 2/1 (HT/FT) Odds: 23.00
Result: 0:1/2:1 WON

Accurate HT/FT Match


Free Tips are not a real option, HT/FT matches are the real option !

Our kin is the absolute best-put specialists in the business who are yet to neglect to give precise data on fixed matches that consistently guarantee that sports betters who put down their wagers through our foundation consistently get returns on their speculation from wagering on said fixed matches.

Since we acquire and assist you with putting down wagers on just the most sound and dependable sources on fixed matches, you can have confidence that you will never lose your venture. As referenced previously, our representatives are levels over your beginner new kid on the block bookies with regards to finding the best chances that your wagers on fixed matches will come through. This is the reason we can ensure the results of the fixed matches recorded for you to wager on so that you can cause your abundance to develop quickly!

Fixed.Soccer is a real website where you can earn easily and with no fear!

For all information contact us on our official e-mail or WhatsApp, we are 24/7 ONLINE !

Best VIP Fixed Matches

Best VIP Fixed Matches

Best VIP Fixed Matches


Next VIP Ticket 05.12.2020 (Saturday)

Total odds is between 20.00 till 50.00

About the price, payment methods and more info please contact us!

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Saturday 28 (November) 2020

Best VIP Soccer Tickets


You should not consider obtaining money for wagering in a soccer fixed match. You should not try to make up for your nonattendance of money by making a bet. Moreover, one should keep aside your reserve funds so it doesn’t impact your assets in the event that you wind up losing the bets.

The best betting methods

Betting on a single match is one of the most standard betting procedures among capable bettors. Similarly, this is the most renowned participation offer. Following 30 days, you will be more than content with the advantage pay.

Our clear 2-5 odd step by step tips are so exact you’ll believe that the matches are really fixed! In the event that you need to win more football bets, there’s simply a solitary choice

Join today and you can win more wagers with our precise fixed matches today without doing assessments or stressing over your decisions. High accomplishment rate, medium to high possibilities and are continually passed on with a ton of time to put down a wager before a match starts.

The standards utilized for choosing a game for fixed matches

The match-fixers pass by an appropriate system prior to choosing a game to fix. For the accomplishment of the outcomes as desired, they select a standard rule. Match-fixers select the match on the off chance that it meets the following rules.

Our track next insiders watch out for wagers of the entire world and pass on the most flawlessly awesome to you.

Betting Accurate Soccer Matches

Betting Accurate Soccer Matches

Betting Accurate Soccer Matches

Daily Matches for 02.12.2020

LEAGUE: COLOMBIA: Primera A Liguilla
Match: Pereira – Aguilas
Tip: Over 2.5 Odds: 2.50
Result: ?:?

LEAGUE: EUROPE: Champions Leauge – Group Stage
Match: Manchester Utd – Paris SG
Tip: Over 2.5 Odds: 1.65
Result: ?:?

LEAGUE: NORWAY: Eliteserien
Match: Start – Bodo/Glimt
Tip: 2 (Away Team) Odds: 1.70
Result: ?:?

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The fixed match is where the game gatherings play to foreordained outcomes or last scores. Accessible in a few vendors. There are numerous reasons why the match may be fixed, however practically all predicament back to sports wagering.

Occasions can at present be recognized when interest for deterrents to an extraordinary outcome can misjudge the market. Utilizing a similar model as above, with Manchester United play Arsenal if the occasion to draw down just before kick-off, there is a flood in cash late positioned on the lottery.

Wagering with an Exchange

The reason behind a wagering trade is sufficiently basic. Additionally, their allure interests numerous people who can assume the function of a bookmaker just as a punter.

You can ‘bank’ a choice in the manner in which you ordinarily would. For example, back a group to win the Premier League Fixed Matches title at the chances gave by another punter on the trade. It would normally be more liberal than those introduced by the games books.

Fixed Soccer Betting

Furthermore, you likewise ‘lay’ determinations, which implies you are wagering on something which won’t occur.

Along these lines, in the Premier League Winner market, you could lay £10 that Arsenal won’t win the title at chances of 20/1. On the off chance that the Gunners don’t complete top of the heap, you would pant £10 in benefit and get your stake back.

Betting of Matches

In coordinated games, coordinate assurance happens as a match played with a completely fixed outcome or mostly decided, abuses the game’s guidelines, and regularly the law. Investigating for the most part alludes to improving the results of the game.

European Match Fixing

It is known as a ‘delightful game,’ yet Soccer is an unmistakable champ when recording match-fixing outrages. Britain, Europe, and South America all have their turn. Maybe the most acclaimed and with the broadest outcomes is the Italian Series An outrage.

Match Fixation The Best Source

Numerous sites are offering the best-fixed match source. You can visit, perused their rules, and can have a superior wagering experience.

To begin with, for any individual who is curious about the second round wager (2h) idea, it’s basic: each time the game turns out to be low maintenance, the open door will post a line for the second 50% of the match. It just mirrors the focuses imprinted in the subsequent half, not the last score.

Soccer VIP Betting Matches

Soccer VIP Betting Matches

Soccer VIP Betting Matches

Daily Matches for 01.12.2020

Match: Sunderland – Burton
Tip: 1 (Home Team) Odds: 1.55
Result: 1:1

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We have workers in different nations around the world. All of those individuals have consumed their experience on earth selling soccer insider matches. Therefore, we are showing up at the aides and players of the overall huge number of gatherings, two or multiple times each week to make the last strategy with the clubs.

If you need to win with soccer, you need our experience. Achievement comes just with irksome work. We’re accomplishing the inconvenient work for you! Reach us for estimates and tips for your betting experience or to for fixed matches.

Premium Betting Website

You should consider couple of tips before betting a match. For instance, a primary gathering may allow their associates to save their energy against a more weak gathering understanding that conceivably they are currently in a victorious position or they have a huge match coming up this week’s end which demands greater duty.

Soccer Manipulated Referee Sources

The basic guideline for the best precise fixed game is that card sharks must make enough research before betting. The more unmistakable the proportion of information, the higher will be the chance of progress.

Football is as much an unpredictable game as it is renowned on the planet is the game that raises levels of intensity and excitement of fans and wagering soccer fixed match can be intriguing too They understand that kicking the one ball in the ground is as much critical as one’s essence.

For some sturdy football fans, this game is close to presence and decimation. To elevate the energy, many web areas give betting of the football matches.

Fixed Soccer Europe

Fixed Soccer Europe

Fixed Soccer Europe

Betting Free Matches for 30.11.2020

Match: Meppen – Ingolstadt
Tip: 2 (Away Team) Odds: 1.85
Result: 2:0

 Fixed Soccer Europe  [email protected]

United Kingdom 1x2 Picks +43 681 202 168 78

To bet on a football game, please tell the ticket writer the bet number of the group you wish to bet on, and specify the number of points and the sum of the bet you wish to bet on. Unless otherwise stated, the payout odds are 10/11.

Basic football betting explained For fixed football matches, punters have countless options to bet their money. You have many options, you can place bets in the game before or recently. The following is a basic overview of some of the most popular markets.

Handicap Asian fixed-day events For the sports market, this is the most basic. Just select your expected result on the fixture, the result will depend on the dealer’s price. However, this result is always subject to change. Before starting, you can choose the side that won the game or the game as a tie. In addition, after the game starts, you can also choose the price.

Rigged Score Soccer Matches

Win Fixed Betting Matches

We actually don’t think this term misleads too many bettors. However, please allow us to officially announce and describe the latest addition to our offering. The term bet of the day, in general, could be self-explanatory. But it is our duty to give our loyal readers an in-depth look. This article explains how we envision this particular concept. How do you make football bets every day?

To be a successful gambler, you usually need to be hard-working or very lucky. But you will find that most fall into the first of those two categories. Soccer betting is a lot of fun. It offers players the opportunity to test their knowledge and earn money in the process. But, as fun as gambling is, it is quite difficult to understand their strategies and tricks.

Explanation of basic football bets

There are endless options for bettors to bet their money when it comes to soccer fixed matches. You have a multitude of betting options both before the game and more recently in the game. Here are some basic descriptions of the most popular markets.

Real Source Fixed Matches

Real Source Fixed Matches

Real Source Fixed Matches

Predictions for 29.11.2020

Match: Fenerbahce – Besiktas
Tip: Over 2.5 Odds: 1.60
Result: 3:4

 Real Source Fixed Matches  [email protected]

United Kingdom 1x2 Bets +43 681 202 168 78

Our website is one of the real source of fixed matches win in the world. On our website, we offer free accurate football predictions and paid fixed matches with the highest winning possibility of 100%. We are fair and professional service for fixed games with our customers, so we expect the same from them. This is serious business and we need serious clients. The purpose of this website is to provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of your online, soccer fixed matches experience. And more importantly you can make it profitable without having to spend hours searching hundreds of different websites and lose your money.

We have great experience of dealing with fixed matches so don’t worry about the profit. You are in the right place we offer real source fixed matches where you can buy 100% sure fixed matches. The process is simple, pay, and take the matches. These real source betting tips are extraordinary tips. They can present to you the most extreme benefit you anticipate from our single picks bets. These tips are unique in comparison to our ordinary tips.

Making Dollars With Betting

Trust us and earn

We make sure that none of our clients suffer any loss at our hands. We guarantee 100% surety of the security of your money. Let’s face it: We, the internet-using public, are constantly bombarded with wrong information about football betting matches. It is difficult to sign up for and subscribe to all sorts of email communications.

So as a fixed matches site, when someone takes the time to shift through all the chaos, we are here. You can contact us and we will for sure answer and be real to intentionally sign up for your email communications. You can count on us. Fixed.Soccer cooperates with strong teams and soccer syndicate from different counties to ensure the outcome that you desire. Fixed.Soccer is one of the top-rated real source of fixed matches that offer the best rigged fixed matches and soccer correct scores.

Fixed Betting Sure Matches

Fixed Betting Sure Matches

Fixed Betting Sure Matches

Betting Matches for 28.11.2020

Match: Vaduz – Sion
Tip: Over 2.5 Odds: 1.75
Result: 4:1

 Fixed Betting Sure Matches  [email protected]

United Kingdom 1x2 +43 681 202 168 78

Appreciate soccer games with the best possible prediction tips online. No matter what without some degree of information, football wagering is tough. It does not matter which team you are supporting. So, football fans everywhere in the world are always searching for the best betting sites. They hope to get exact expectations. Moreover, they can appreciate the game by acquiring more benefits. Learn more about Fixed Betting Sure Matches through this article.

There are wide scopes of football expectation platforms across the world. They give forecasts to soccer fans who consistently need to win. The fundamental aim of our site is to ensure each customer gets benefits by using their football forecast. Our devoted group specialists use calculations and other productive ideas to analyze and give quality games to be bet on. The skill group likewise predicts for different betting like Odds, Accumulators, Both Teams to Score. Also,Half-time full-time, correct score, handicap banker, Under goals,and so on.

Earn Money With Bet

For the most part, the football expectations from our site are first-class quality. Likewise, the tips are unique from anyplace in the globe. Besides, our forecast site expect to run a free and an excellent business plan. Our superior help will guarantee the clients with the goal that they get free tips through their email every day . But for this you must have a membership . Enjoy fixed betting sure matches on our site and earn handsome amount of money.


Our free tips can sometimes definitely get you excellent results. But these results are never guaranteed. Only by opting for our fixed match service can you guarantee results and outcome of your choice! Most importantly, the score forecast tips of our website for each match also can tell about chance of a draw, win, or misfortune. Consequently, we are the best in the wager markets. Indeed, our site offers free football picks along with wagering tips on various football matches. Ordinarily, our site presents free tips for viewers that are upheld by sports reports. The expert handicappers from our sites sit down each day to offer you the most dependable tips.

Accurate Fixed Matches Today

Accurate Fixed Matches Today

Accurate Fixed Matches Today

Best free matches for 27.11.2020

Match: Eupen – Charleroi
Tip: Over 2.5 Odds: 1.75
Result: 3:1

 Accurate Fixed Matches Today  [email protected]

Netherland Gambling +43 681 202 168 78

Fixed.Soccer is one of the main sources of ACCURATE FIXED MATCHES TODAY on the planet. On our site, we offer free accurate football forecasts and paid sure fixed matches with the most possible winning chances. Individuals around the globe need to work with us since they realize that with us there are no spaces for fraud and lies.


Fixed.Soccer is the best precise forecast site which anticipates football coordinates effectively. We give you the best and most precise football/soccer forecasts day by day and week by week known as fixed matches.

We are a devoted group of football investigators and expert insiders with a great deal of involvement. Our company gives you significant and exceptional intel about football wagering, right match forecasts. This places us on the top of best expectation sites on the planet.

We have been serving our various fulfilled clients with the most precise football forecasts. Our clients trust us since we are actually the best around here. Our website is on top 5 in internet wagering. Football wagering is by it’s very nature a danger approach to occupy your time or even to attempt to bring in cash. In any case, when done reasonably you can earn enough to pay the bills from it and it turns out to be additionally energizing to watch football/soccer.

The best wagering techniques

Wagering on a solitary match is one of the most mainstream wagering techniques among proficient bettors. Likewise, this is the most famous membership offer. Following 30 days, you will be more than happy with the benefit pay.

Our definite 2-5 odd day by day tips are so precise you’ll think that the matches are fixed! In case you need to win more football wagers there’s just a single decision

Winning Soccer VIP Ticket

Our track next tipsters keep an eye on bets of whole world and conveys the absolute best to you.

Join today and you can win more bets with our accurate fixed matches today with out doing examination or worrying over your choices. High achievement rate, medium to high chances and are constantly conveyed with a lot of time to put down a bet before a match begins.


Fixed Matches

Fixed Matches

Fixed Matches

Free Daily Matches 26.11.2020

LEAGUE: EUROPE: Europa League – Group Stage
Match: LASK – Antwerp
Tip: Over 2.5 Odds: 1.70
Result: 0:2

 Fixed Matches  [email protected]

Betting Gambling Website +43 681 202 168 78


Want to know about Fixed Matches? Give a read to this article and all your questions will be answered. Match-fixing is a process of paying the necessary people before the start of the match to achieve the results of the match as desired. However, this might affect the results for those gamblers who were not involved in the fixing. This is because the results are usually in contrast to most predictions made by the gamblers. By fixing a match through us, you can take advantage of excellent odds and ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment.

For example, consider a match between a successful team and another weak team placed in the bottom three. Most of the gamblers will follow the suit and invest their money into the winning team, as per obvious predictions. However, the match-fixers will then come up with the deal to influence the result; thus allowing the weak team to win.

Sometimes gamblers might already know about the choice of match-fixers by getting information. This largely benefits them as by investing their money in the favor of the weak team huge profits can be won. This way fixed matches earn individuals earns money to a lot of individuals.

The criteria used for selecting a game for fixed matches

The match-fixers go by a proper strategy before selecting a game to fix. For the achievement of the results as desired,they select a standard criterion. Match-fixers select the match if it meets following criteria .

Win Money Bet365

A popularly known league

The first demand for the selection of the game for fixed matches is its popularity. The reason for it is that people will only show interest in betting on the game if it is highlight of the prediction and betting websites.

Capable of bringing down several predictions at once

Considering the above example, the majority of gamblers bet in the favor of a strong team. However, some will try to play safe by giving a number of their predicted goals. But, in this situation too most will predict that a strong team will succumb to a weaker one by at least 3goals. On the other hand, match-fixers will pay and thus influence the officials in such a way that the weaker team will not only win the game but also beat the other team with less than 3 goals. In this way, every gambler who placed their stake in the favor of a stronger team, either by predicting their win or giving the number of goals, will be at loss. Games that are under strict scrutiny are difficult to fix, however, are still possible. For instance, finals of any league.

Best Accurate Fixed Games

Best Accurate Fixed Games

Best Accurate Fixed Games

Free Bets Matches 25.11.2020

Match: Basel – Lausanne
Tip: Over 2.5 Odds: 1.50
Result: 2:1

 Best Accurate Fixed Games  [email protected]

Gambling Website Soccer +43 681 202 168 78

Best Accurate Fixed Games

Fixed matches offer some of the best Accurate Fixed games. To bet on football can mostly result in frustration to many people as many of them wonder to win the bet even after investing largely in it.

No doubt, they are some success stories of gamblers who made an accurate bet and earned it through small investments. However, there are so many disappointing moments for those who lost money on the last goal.

Some don’t lose hope and keep on betting every week thinking that someday they might succeed. However, the key to success is the acknowledgment of certain rules, not repeated trials.

Research Before Betting

The primary rule for the best accurate fixed game is that gamblers must make enough research before betting. The greater the amount of information, the higher will be the chance of success.

Premium Tips

You must consider few tips before betting a match. For instance, a leading team might allow their team mates to save their energy against a weaker team knowing that either they are already in a victorious position or they have an important match coming up this weekend which demands more dedication.

Switzerland Betting Matches

On the same hand, you must consider that few teams think that it might be a dangerous tactic to play lightly against a weaker team. As the claimed bigger team might lose in the last matches or consecutive matches might end up in a draw. This therefore affects their overall position.

You must consider all the factors before concluding the predicted outcome. One must realize that favorites might also lose or the match could end up in a draw. Never underestimate a low performing team. They could be an underdog.

Guaranteed Returns on our Fixed Matches

We guarantee best accurate fixed matches games f. If you want to go for an easy investment with zero research, you can always reach out to us to fix a match for you. By opting for one of our fixed matches, you’re guaranteed to get a return on your investment. You can do this by reaching out to the necessary individuals to ensure that we guarantee the outcome that you desire! We also guide you on tips on how to place your bets to keep you under the radar. 



Fixed Bets

Fixed Bets

Fixed Bets

Sure Tips 24.11.2020

Match: Gillingham – AFC Wimbledon
Tip: Over 2.5 Odds: 2.20
Result: 2:1

 Fixed Bets  [email protected]

Betting Gambling Soccer Matches +43 681 202 168 78

Here we welcome you to the most reliable site FIXED.SOCCER to allow you put fixed bets of your choice . We are aware of your demands so we provide you with the most expert advice. FIXED.SOCCER has a panel of foreign experts that give you tips based on research. We ensure that you don’t end up making any blunder so provide you with accurate information.

To secure your fixed matches, we offer you to tap into our network of onboard experts. We are here for you 24/7 and you can contact us via email at any time for advice on how to get the best return on your investment. However, we are very dedicated to our job and demands the same from our collaborators. Besides, we provide paid games and we don’t provide anything for free.

To be successful in football betting, the group you supported must be leading by a significant number of goals over the other team. Similarly, you need to observe and note every move of interest in the fixed match. As a tip, we recommend you to show tolerance. Even if your supported team is not giving the desired performance, you can still get the result you desire if you’ve opted for a fixed match with us.

Who can excel in fixed matches game?

Soccer betting via buy fixed matches betting is appealing for those, who are capable of managing their fixed bets. This is a source for long-term investments for many investors. It is an awesome diversion opportunity, which might give you many advantages. Web betting is an extraordinary source to wager for those, who are not ready to make it to the match stadium. It is as though you are watching a live occasion and speculating the likelihood of a match.

Betting Accurate Single Matches

Betting cash online on a soccer match keeps all the soccer devotees updated of the scores. You might choose to pull back from their position, if the diversion won’t help you go in out. If the after-effect of a diversion of fixed matches is ideal, every number turns green affirming your win.